The one person who has gained the most from the British government's surprise banning of the Church of England from ever conducting same gender weddings is the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. An evangelical and an opponent of same gender marriage he still wants to come across as a leader for all the church. A fight in the Church over same gender marriage if the government had not banned it would have put him in a very awkward position and he would have started off his reign very negatively. One major thing happened between David Cameron's reception for gay marriage campaigners in which he was insistent that gay people would be able to marry in church and the terrible news this week and that was the appointment of Justin Welby as the next ABC. Welby is involved in all sorts of government stuff already and no doubt has the ear of some important players in the government. He also went to the same exclusive school as the prime minister. I think the banning of the Church of England from conducting same sex weddings by the government so that the church does not have to decide on the matter for itself, will probably be the best Christmas present the new Archbishop receives this year.