The Christmas Appeal Totaliser is showing an okay but nothing special £130 today. At least that means I can now purchase a new podcast licence which will please a certain silver haired person in Louisiana who keeps reminding me that it's been a long time since I posted a "With All Your Soul" episode.

However, I was hoping for a bit more cash to pay for the big stuff I need to keep my internet ministry going with all the fun stuff that you all love so well or not, however it hangs with you. So, please, if you can afford it, please give generously. Remember there is a new edition to the MadGang who is determined to eat us out of house and home.

You can find out all about the appeal, what it's for and what have you by CLICKING HERE.

And here is the widget you need to click on to make your donation. Absolutely any amount of cash will be greatly appreciated.

As always, donators to my cause, receive a specially created, MadPriest photoshop toon that is not available elsewhere. Well, I like to make this begging for money as much fun as possible for all of us.