The Reverend John Wiseman probably thought he was doing God's work by discussing men's health issues on his blog. But his decision to show men how to examine their privates using a suggestive snap of a man wearing just his boxer shorts outraged parishioners at Sketty Methodist Church, Swansea. Mr Wiseman says he uploaded the shot as part of the Movember campaign, which aims to raise awareness of serious health conditions men may be too embarrassed to talk about. But this cut no ice his churchgoers.

One longstanding parishioner, who did not wish to be named said: "We understand he’s trying to get an important message across but we don’t need to see a suggestive picture of a man touching himself."

I love the fact that it's the man's crotch that is offending his congregation not the "Are You Being Served" style masturbation joke. That is just so British. And yes, of course I chose that particular TV programme's title deliberately.