Are atheists just a bunch of drunken killjoys?

Well, if Chaz Stevens of Florida is anything to go by they are.And he seems determined to tell the world that atheists stand for the enrichment of the brewery industry. Not only that he wants Christian children to pack in their sober ways and start drinking. At least, I assume that is why he has created an 8-foot-tall "Festivus" pole with beer cans, just six feet away from where Baby Jesus lies in a manger.

"It's just 23 beer cans stacked 8 feet high and conveniently located 6 feet from Baby Jesus," he told the Sun Sentinel.

Stevens had been trying unsuccessfully for five years to get the city to stop the Nativity scene. This year, he asked for permission to express his own unreligious beliefs. He said he decided against a more elaborately designed pole that "would not get as much attention" as a low-budget sign comprising Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.

Yep! Attention seeking would certainly explain it.

What a complete and utter pillock.