And to all a goodnight....

Just a little catch up.

Friday (12/21) was supposed to be our last day of school before break. Well, Thursday there was all this hub-bub about snow and low temps. Now, I love me a snow day and I get giddy with a 2hr delay. I figured that the talk was all hype and that since I knew about it nothing would happen.

I was wrong. I got a call just before 6am telling my that my district was closed.

I'll be truthful...I was actually a little sad.

No staff breakfast and gift exchange. :(
Here is my gift for my coworker for our school Secret Santa

No book exchange with the kiddos. (we each brought in a book and were going to exchange them)
My classroom tree. It was full of books on Thursday!

No pajama day--Polar Express Day---cococa (I bought new jammies!)

No pizza party at lunch (we'd won a fundraiser award and I was saving the party for Friday)

No Christmas party with the great room parents of my room that had been planning games for weeks.

We didn't get to take home our gingerbread houses or the salt dough ornaments we had made

But what it did mean was a morning of safety for myself, coworkers, and hundreds of children. It was quite cold and there are several roads that are definitely not main roads that were probably quite dangerous. I also saw on fb that some of my parents got to spend more time with their kiddos before Christmas, which is great. So, while I was a gloomy Gus for a while the good things outweighed what we missed. Who knows...maybe I'll just plan an awesome Friday for the week when we come back.

I did get to go to an ugly sweater party with some friends!

This picture is actually from last year (shh, don't tell I was too cheap to buy 'new ugly clothes'.) I'm pretty sure this is what I would have looked like if I would have taught in the early 90s.

Despite his sourpuss he's a happy dog!

I got these lovely slippers at a gift exchange!

My friend Tammy and I saw these cute frames at a friend's house. We're not sure what she planned on doing with them but we thought they were the perfect photo op. When I took the pic she teased about it appearing on my here it is Tammy. :)

In my behavior management packet I talk about a Personal Best (PB) board. I bring it out the week before a break or when the kiddos seem to have forgotten all of our hard work at the beginning of the year. They sign their classroom number and at the end of the week if it's full I do a drawing. (This idea was taught to me by my Mentor Teacher during student teaching, I give all credit to her!)

And since I added a picture of one pup I couldn't leave the other out.

Okay, this post was photo-heavy. I like seeing your photos so hopefully you enjoyed some of mine. Please enjoy your winter breaks and holiday time with your families. I'm going over to my parents' house in a few hours and then making delicious Christmas cookies this evening.