This is fecking obscene.

From ANI:

As recession continues to bite in Italy, the tailor to the Pope since 1798 was all smiles at the weekend with news that the Vatican had come shopping. With six newly created "global" cardinals, who will still have to be kitted out in traditional style, Gammarelli began work on kitting out six newly-elected cardinals from the United States, India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Lebanon and Colombia.

A pair of cassocks - one red and one black - costs around 1,500 euros. Then there are red mozzetta hoods at 200 euros a pop; three-pointed hats at 100 euros, zucchetto skull caps and special red socks, as well as a fascia or sash at 120 euros. While an order worth several thousand euros might mean a lot for a family business in the middle of a recession, the bill won't cause much concern at the Vatican. Proceeds have been falling of late as the number of the faithful dwindles, but the Catholic Church still has very deep pockets - underlined by the voluntary donations of 800m pounds it receives from Italian taxpayers each year.

And this is hypocritical tosh. Plain and simple.


Pope Benedict XVI has told his six new cardinals to resist the allure of power and instead be like Jesus and focus their work on spreading the Christian faith. Benedict told his new collaborators that Jesus had no political ambitions.

He said: "To be like Jesus, then, means not letting ourselves be allured by the worldly logic of power, but bringing into the world the light of truth and God's love."