A mother condemned a callous council today which removed a shrine to her murdered daughter, because of one complaint describing it as ‘litter’.

Three people, including her boyfriend, were charged with murder after the body of 23-year-old Catherine Wells-Burr was found in her burned out car dumped in a layby. But tributes left at the scene by family and friends were bagged-up by a council cleanup crew after one person complained that it frightened a horse.

Catherine's mother, Jayne Wells-Burr, said, "I know some of the flowers had died, but just seeing them there showed us how much Catherine was loved by so many people. Every day there was something new there. This was our special spot, but it has been tarnished by what has happened. I can’t believe the council could be so uncaring"

I have real problems with this roadside shrine mania. I'm all for folk traditions and people creating stuff for themselves without paying somebody else to do it for them. But, on the other hand, I hate a mess and these shrines are definitely that. It's not like the mourners are erecting a nice, kitsch statue of our lady in a grotto on the verge, memorabilia is just thrown haphazard onto the existing pile or tied to railings never to be removed even when they have become a soggy, decomposing eyesore.

And, of course, any horse that is as compulsive obsessive as me is going to have a fit when he passes by stuff that shouldn't be there, which is dangerous for the rider.