On the day Justin Welby received the official offer of the highest paid clerical job in the Church of England, I received this. It is either the funniest joke ever or the sickest. Maybe both.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the Bishop of Durham asking for his help in respect of this job. I said that because of the baggage from my past I needed extra help in order that the playing field could be levelled. He replied that he would not help me because he never interfered with the selection process. But this decision came direct from the bishop's senior staff meeting without any reference to the parish involved.

That's two funerals and a kick in the teeth all within two weeks.

Oh, and I said this would be the last attempt by me to stay in the Church. What I have to do now is decide if all this proves that there really is no God or if it proves that God is either completely ineffectual in the face of institutional evil or a just a right bastard.