Cyber Monday Teacher Style

TpT is having one of their sales and I'm throwing a sale on top of it! I'll be offering 20% off my whole store and TpT will give you an addition savings with coupon code "cmt12". (click the image below to check out my store)

Graphic provided by the fabulous Ashley Hughes...check out her blog if you haven't already. It's amazing!!
My Wish List is getting pretty full! I can't wait to unburden it on Monday/Tuesday.
Here are some things you may want to add to your wish list, too! (click any of the images to check it out, you'll see the sale prices starting Monday)

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Click to check it out (this one is constantly getting updated at no additional charge!)
My Number 1 seller!

On another note....

My school does a Secret Santa with staff members and group of my friends does it as well. Last year I decided to organize my friend Secret Santa.. It was a lot of fun but there was no mystery for me :( I like the surprise. This year I found a 99cent app to do it for me. I clicked names from my phone address book (you'll need their email address if that isn't already in their contact info) and then I typed of a message and hit send. It did all the selecting and notifying by email for me. Loved it! I got my email and you can create a wish list to give your shopper ideas or your recipient can fill out one to give you ideas. I was hesitant to spend money on something I could do for free but the 99cents was worth the surprise and organization for me. Oh, and if someone forgets you can just resend it to them. (No, I'm not getting anything to endorse this....wish I were was just a good app)