Please keep in your thoughts and prayers longstanding friend of OCICBW..., Prior Aelred. On Tuesday he posted the following on his Facebook wall:

For those of you who have missed the news, I received a telephone call today from my brother that our mother had died unexpected. She was 90 years old and still living in her own home. After my father died, almost two years ago, she was so very lonely. This is the dark side of sixty years of a happy marriage. I am told that the last thing that my father said before they put him in a coma to vent him was, "We've been married for sixty years and I love her and she loves me."

Today he posted an icon of Saint Francis as it is his feast day. In Francis we see the love that God has for all creation. We pray that our brother, Aelred, and his family will be comforted and sustained by our loving God in their time of grief.