Playing Catch Up

Really...the last week of October...really?! My birthday is gone...the nice weather is hit or miss. I got my car washed at the fancy car wash (which to me is any car wash where I don't drive it through) and it poured. The leaves changed colors..and fell off. Well, at least there's Halloween to look forward too. I really do like Halloween. I like seeing the kids get so hyped. I don't like the sugar high and then the sugar low that follows but it comes with the territory. (Hmmm, maybe if they sneak candy to school I can take it and have a 3:00 pick-me-up?)

Super busy week this week in Reading. I'm not sure who exactly those people are in the front of my teacher's manuals that write these books but wowza. This week my firsties learned -s, -ed, -ing, possessives, predictions, reviewed short i, and learned naming parts of a sentence. Now, I can teach all of those things. Really, I can, I promise, I've done it. I'm just overwhelmed by doing it in one week. I know, I know...they won't master it this week...we'll review..and review..and recall...but I just kinda want to wave a magic teacher wand and have them absorb it all now. Too much to ask?

We learned that 'apostrophe s' shows ownership. Who doesn't love hearing 6 year olds say apostrophe?
Inside the " 's " I wrote "mine mine mine mine" because it's greedy.
Then we all though of something we owned and wrote it on a post-it and drew a picture. "Miss Cosby's dog" I made them "prove" they owned it by showing me the apostrophe s before they could hang it
We learned naming part this week (telling part is next week). Luckily this is something I've touched on during Mountain Language so we had something to build off. Laying in bed thinking about the best way to teach naming part I kinda thought of a train. (love my drawing, dontcha) Next week we'll do telling part and I'll come back to it.
Organizing our books from our book boxes. We're going 'book shopping' on Monday!
I am LOV-ING the mash-up of Weekly Reader and Scholastic News. First of all the paper isn't that shiny hard to write on crap stuff. The vocabulary and syntax are way more appropriate now. (I so wish my college TAs read this...totally used 'syntax' ...)
I had to share this cutie. The student working on this "Bat-o-Lantern" had to finish it up at home. C is such a creative kiddo and decided to go out of the pumpkin patch on this one. Too cute.

Okay, I've totally been wordy-worderson in this post but I've been away from here so long I had so much to share!
Me trying to show the kids something on my computer with a million other windows open: My computer is so slow!!!

H: Get it fixed at PCMatic

lol, love it! #YouMightBeaFirstGrader