Just Let Me Teach

I don't want to get all political or push my beliefs or opinions on you. This isn't that forum. However, with the election coming up I thought I'd share some things for educators and educators in Indiana.

So much legislature and political talk about teachers and schools.

Please check out the links below to stay informed even if you're in another state they're worth a 'like' or 'retweet' to spread the word.



Indiana people:

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Thank you for being a follower and reading this. I know as educators these things matter to us. We're in the classroom each and every day because we want to be not because it's an easy job.

If at least one person can repost this message, pin an image, tweet this message, talk about this message at lunch, or click 'like' on the fb page above it'll help spread the word. Teachers are not doormats. We are college educated professionals entrusted with the safety and education of children.