Hocus Pocus Focus!

My fall break is over... <sadface> I had conferences last week and I'll say I believe they went well. I was sick though :( For most of fall break I had a horrible sinus infection. Blech. Anywho I feel better now and it's back to the first grade grind. This is a super busy week with our reading series. It's beginning to introduce a lot of language arts. More about that later.

A few years ago I saw some clearance staples and I snagged them. Turns out they were colored. I got orange and green. The kiddos loved them. However, I'm running out... I decided to Sharpie my silver staples and see what happened. It worked!!!

Don't you love getting stuff in the mail!!! Even if you buy it it's a treat when it makes it to your door. I signed up for Birchbox. So, every month I'll get a box full of nice-brand health and beauty samples. It's only $10 and that includes shipping! You can go month-by-month or sign up for a designated length of time. I think I'm going to add a 3-month subscription as a gift for a friend. What a fun birthday or Christmas gift. :)

Oh and some more classroomy stuff to add. Here's a cute little rhyme to use during a test. I'm going to use it on our practice spelling test. Click the images to download.