If you're like me, and I like to think that as teachers we all share some similarities, then you were inspired at a young age by a teacher. My inspiration was a positive experience. I had two fabulous teachers (well, more than two but for different reasons) that inspired me to be a teacher. I really wish I could thank them and let me know how much they meant. Unfortunately, I believe they've both retired. (Hmmm, maybe some Facebook stalking is in order)

Today I'd like to share with you one of the bloggers that inspired me to be a a blogger. Oh, there were several and the list has grown. Today I'll just share the first one I remember reader. Please don't mind me if I go a little fan-girl about her.

During summer break 2011 I was at home and thinking about the upcoming new group of firsties. (Imagine that?!) I was off for the day for my summer job and I decided to look for ideas online. This was a few months before I joined Pinterest...I like to call it BP (before Pinterest). So 2 months BP, I googled "First Grade Blog". I really only expected a few entries would show up. WRONG. (I just googled the same thing and got About 103,000,000 results (0.26 seconds))

The first one that popped up (and still does, btw) was Ms. Cara Carroll from 
The First Grade Parade

This woman, this blogger, has helped change and rejuvenate my teaching lifestyle. She was one of the bloggers that introduced me to TpT and rekindled my love of Microsoft Publisher. Her freebies and ideas made my day and the units that she does charge for are worth it. I would buy one and think "Wow, her first graders can do this?" Ya' know what...they can. Just try it. You'll be surprised how many really can do something you thought they couldn't.

She's left use first grade teachers for a new opportunity but I'm still getting ideas and pinning her stuff like crazy.  To use her own words, you knocked my socks off. 

Thanks so much.

Do you have a blogspiration?