Tell me something good

I dare you to not start singing that song!!

I follow Rowdy in First Grade on Twitter (I'm @MissCosbyin106 btw) and earlier she tweeted this great linky.

No matter how many years you've been teaching the first few weeks can be kinda rocky. I could probably write a whole page about the rocks and stumbles...BUT what fun is that, lol.

So, this linky is only about good things happening!

Something Good from School:
  • We're doing 'counting on' for addition and I think I can say that 90% of them get it. I mean really get it!
We do Singapore Math (Math in Focus)
  • I've been bucking for a classroom rug for a while. I *may* be getting it. (Fingers crossed)
Rhyme Time Classroom Rug Factory Second 
  •  I had an all day meeting yesterday and my sub graded everything! (and did it well)
  • I teach a specific segmenting and blending strategy and I'm seeing kiddos use it unprompted. (this is probably the most awesome so far!)
  • Fall decorating time!!!

Oh...and my class is kinda the bees-knees. lol This morning (without prompt) I just watched as many of them had their morning procedures down!!! They're a good group overall and so much fun.

Something good from home
  • I went camping, well glamping,  with a group of my friends last weekend! Some are from college and have moved away and others live 30 minutes away but we're just too busy and have different schedules. It was so much fun. We played a pretty fun game called Quelf...oh my was a hoot. 
  • Oh, and it's almost fall with all the great fall decorations, foods, holidays, and of course my birthday in October!

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