Running Records Template *freebie*

Before I get into my actual post I wanted to make it Blog official (that's better than fb, right?) Johnny and I are over. Done. Finito. Johnny Appleseed that is....and at least until next September when we rekindle our teachmance.

 Our Johnny Appleseed Writing
We wrote about what we'd plant and what we'd do if we were him. Most kids decided that they would 'wear no shoes'. I was Miss Orangeseed for the remainder of the day.

Here is a close up our little guys. I was all enamored with my bulletin board until the other first grade teacher told me that this guy looked like Timmy from South Park...and he does. So now I giggle.
 My kiddos are super creative and quite a few are artsy.

This kiddo wanted to plant bnanu (banana) seeds.

I'd like to thank Primary Possibilities for the great Johnny Appleseed freebie packet.

I have created, using Microsoft Word 2003, an editable running records form.

You'll see that you can type the story in the blank and at first there will be significant spacing, but that is part of the settings. Once the full sentence is typed it will appear normal. Click here to check them out in my TpT store.

I did running records a lot when I first started. It was part of a reading program that the school where I worked did. I like to hear the kids read and see their growth but it just seemed like I was always testing or progress monitoring something and this kinda fell off my plans. Now that I'm trying D5 (I'm still only doing D3) I'm going to *try* to do these toward the end of the week when I pull kiddos during my rotations.

Do you do running records? Is it by choice or is it mandated?

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