Rotation Organization

I am building stamina with my firsties. I really wish I could say we were consistent and I did it the name suggests. We are up to 10 minutes in Read to Self and today we try for 9 or 10 in Read to Someone. (I'm pausing them at 10 for a while) I'm excited. They're really getting the procedures down and since we've started actual reading instruction and not just kindergarten review many of them are reading what they can. I will start rotations soon and I found some super cute rotation visuals for the kiddos for grouping. I found pocket chart inserts, clip chart posters, and a few other ideas. Well, these were cute...I even saved some and printed one of them. I practiced the other day with a few rotations to get them into the swing of things. It was difficult since they were back to back. I've since though of a few ideas to make them smoother. One of the ideas I thought of was a timed powerpoint. (This was totally my fave because I didn't have to watch a clock or set a timer) Watch the video below to see how I practiced rotations for our second go around. (I plan to make it pretty and add some cool effects soon...but for now...bare minimum)

Oh, and while I have you...have you used the Storia app?! Amaze. I'll post more about it later.

**I've uploaded the most bare bones template of this to my TpT store for free. Feel free to use it as a starting point. If you decide to do this please leave a comment here or on the YouTube video and a link for me to check it out!**