Times are hard in the MadPriest household. We are used to living hand to mouth but this month I don't think we are going to manage. I have a bill of £150 to pay with no money in the bank to cover it. Therefore, if you have not already contributed towards my ministry this month, I would be extremely grateful if you would consider making a small contribution towards helping me out on this one. If you can, this is the widget that will get the cash through to me.

If you do not do so already and are able to, I would really appreciate you considering a monthly pledge (no matter how small or no matter how large) to my ministry. You can use the following widget for this. Click on the arrows in the option box, choose the amount you would like to donate each month and then follow the online instructions.

Another way to help me financially, and one which costs you nothing, is to buy from Amazon via the widget under the heading MAKE MADPRIEST RICH PLEASE in the righthand sidebar.