Counting Up Game

My school adopted Math in Focus a few years ago. It's based on the Singapore approach. It's a difficult program and at times I feel some of it isn't developmentally appropriate. It is a great program for enrichment in first.
That being's what we have and it's what I'm going to do my very best with. I don't know a lot of other people using the program so I'm definitely cranking out materials to help my kiddos learn while keeping with the program.

Right now we are working on subtraction. We've already completed Chapter 3 over addition. One of the subtraction strategies that is taught is counting up to find the difference. I will say that this program has a lot of CD and online resources. The text, in first grade, offers some games to correlate with some of the math strategies.

The game we were working on this week after introducing the lesson the kiddos loved!
  •  Each pair of student receives 10 counters (I used linking cubes)
  • Student A chooses 1-10 cubes and puts them in the middle
  • Student B closes their eyes and Student A takes away 'some' of the cubes
  • Student B counts how many remaining cubes there are and then counts up to the beginning number
I teach the kids to grab and count (post on that coming soon) but I tried to give the directions as general as possible.

I finished Set 2 of my math journals! I created 30 journal prompts and I based them on my math curriculum but luckily Math in Focus coincides with several CCS. That was one of the selling points to the program. Set 2 covers varied addition strategies.

Click here to check out Set 2
Click here to check out Set 1 (my best selling item!)

Some Set 1 feedback:
"We just adopted Math in Focus as our new curriculum and I'm excited to have extra handouts to accompany the lessons."