Pirate Choices for my Clip Chart

Happy Sunday. I'll try to keep this brief and sweet for Sunday afternoon.

I've updated my Classroom Management Resources packet again. I've added even more font choices for the  words for the clip chart, one set with a designed background, and two PIRATE SETS!!!! One of the teachers at my school decided to do a Pirate them (and it's adorable) so I created these choices for her and I thought I'd add them to my packet.

The clip chart system is only one option of classroom management in the packet. I've been learning about more and more management systems and as I try them out I'll add them to the packet.

Click here to get the updated packet. 

I know the yellow wording looks odd, but it prints fine. It was just weird in preview mode. 

If you've purchased my packet and have a theme suggestion please leave me a message and I'll try to make a set with that theme in mind.