D5 Questions

I am trying to implement Daily 5 into my classroom this year. We've worked on Read to Self and Read to Someone and are continuing to build our stamina. I have finished our kindergarten review (the first weeks of school in our reading series are review) and I've finished our Beginning of Year (boy) assessments to get a feel of the the students' varied abilities so I'm going to start Word Work soon.

My questions:
Though I have the ability to teach the subjects in any order that I want I do have to use the textbooks and workbooks provided. Which I'm okay with.

That said
  1. How many minutes do you 'carve' out for D5? (This might be my main question)
  2. In first grade how high do you build your stamina?
  3. Do you (in practical teaching land not I wish I could in an ideal situation land) do all 5 daily?
  4. How often do you switch the books in their book boxes? Do you do it or do you have the kiddos?
  5. I put Ranger Rick magazines in my book boxes...do you think school appropriate magazines are okay?
  6. Do you choose to give them the freedom as suggested? I think I'm going to assign them to a group and let them choose an activity within that station.
  7. Do you sometimes have the whole class doing one of the five things? (ie whole class Work on Writing time or Read to Self time)
  8. When your students are building their stamina and are quiet, still, looking through books, and minding their own buisness but you don't really think they're picture reading or real reading do you think it's okay?
    1. Since it's the beginning of the year is it more about reading or more about learning the procedures/rules?