Wow, a week changes a lot.

Hello blog world, I'm back. I spent the last week in sunny Florida. When I left Indiana the temps were something like this:

It was pretty much a whole week of that (or higher) from what I hear. It's been so dry and hot that there were firework bans across the area. So, it turns out I went to Florida to escape the heat...pretty weird, huh. 

Also, when left I had a handful of followers...that number has pretty much tripled!!! (okay okay I'm at 15 right now but that's a lot to me in such a short time) Ooh, that reminds me. My first 20 followers are eligible to get something free from my TpT store. (Just let me know which product, provide an email, follow my blog)

While I was gone I was nominated for two awesome blog awards 
Nominated by the Busy Busy Bee Hive
Nominated by Polka Dots and Teaching Tots

How flippin' awesome is that?!

I also missed some really cool linky parties :( I may try to catch up on those know how <3 them. I am also working on a Nonsense Word Fluency packet. School will be starting next month and I'll be doing those oh so lovely Reading Assessments asap. Then, I'll want to use the data (which I actually like but hate gathering) to work on what we need to...and Nonsense Words will definitely be one of those things.

I've also been given permission to post to

Classroom Freebies Too
Any suggestions of which freebie I should post?

I am planning on doing a blog make-over. I'm psyched about it and if you're a follower you'll for sure know when it happens.