Just Pinning It...

Drumroll Please....
Here are this week's favorite pins (okay, some are from a while ago but I really like them)
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1. Q-Tip Painting a number onto a tens frame
I love this because I can make the tens frames and assign any number to represent. It'll keep the kiddos engaged and active...who doesn't love paint?

2.  Dry erase stained teeth
Laminate teeth and 'decay' them up with dry erase markers. Give the kiddos toothbrushes to scrub away. Good dental health month activity

3. Number recognition (1-20)
These are from a cool kindergarten blog. Hopefully my first know and recognize these numbers (hopefully) but at the very least this should make for some good seat work at the beginning of first grade (click here for direct download and save yourself some hunting )

4.  Smiley Sentence visual rubric
This is a great visual for the kids to see. That way when I edit or go over work with them and they only receive a partial smiley they'll know what's missing.

5. Missing Parts Bucket
I know I'm not the only one that has finished a lesson and the accompanied clean-up only to be interrupted in my next lesson by a sweetie just trying to be helpful by blurting out that they found dice, chips, crayons, cubes, etc. No need to interrupt sweet helper. Just put it in the missing parts bucket and I'll deal with it later.