Jitters: Blog Hop

This is a fantastic Blog Hop. It's fantastic because a few weeks ago I had my first scary back to school dream. Each summer I have a dream about my future class. In this class there is always that one kid that won't listen...no matter what. There's no consequence or reward great enough to get this child to listen to me. In the dream I stay calm and I try and try...but nothing works. Luckily, though I've had some definite challenges, this kid is still fictional to me.

Well, Ashley over at Fierce in Fourth has a blog hop over Jitters! This also goes perfectly with the book

3 Things that I'm jittery about:
1. I want to implement Daily 5 into my classroom. Due to when I started teaching I saw parts of Four Block and Six-Traits...but never fully implemented them into what I did. I also learn by observing...so I have the Daily 5 book but I really wish I could see it in practice. I'm going to read the book and we'll see what happens. #Jittery

2. My kiddos. I'm always nervous about the first day of school...I guess kinda like one of the kids. I also plan a lot but am worried about keeping them engaged on the first day. #ALittleJittery

3. Open House! Like I mentioned in another post...I think...my school is doing an Open House/Meet the Teacher night the night before school!!! I'm excited about this but not only will I be meeting 20 firsties (many for the first time) but I'll be meeting their parents, too. Normally we do an Open House a few weeks after school starts and I've had a little time to get to know the kiddos and I can greet them when they walk in THEN I talk to their parents. #QuiteJittery

What are your Jitters??