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Just like Amber over at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher I am constantly saying "I saw it on Pinterest"...most people nod their head along and then tell me about their pinning adventures. It's just the one or two friends I have that don't 'pin' that kinda look at me crazy from time to time. Haha.

I've decided to Linky Up and share some of my Pinning faves. Some I've tried and loved and others I am dying to do.

1. My Classroom Ideas Board
I really want to read up on Daily 5 this summer so there are a ton of Pinterest ideas that catch my eye.

Reading ideas

Visual Rubrics

Kid rubric for writingColoring Rubric

Revamp my clip chart (this one is my current one but I may add graphics/borders)

Clip Chart Idea  #ClassroomManagement
Click on image to read about my classroom management

Two words: Crate Seats
Crate seats w/ storage!

2. DIY
Baked Marbles (so pretty!)               Elmer's Glue on Canvas then painted
DIY> Baked Marbles: Bake clear marbles on a cookie sheet at 325-350 degrees for 20 minutes.  Immediately put them in a sink or metal bowl filled with ice water. The glass cracks on the inside, not the outside.  Glue on a cap bead with a starter loop... These would make pretty ornaments for the tree!                              Genius! Elmer's glue on canvas

3. Holidays
Cocoa Snowmen                                 Melted snowman cookie
Cute gift idea.   Baby food jar snowman!    Now I just need someone to donate baby food jars.                           ahhh I'm melting!!!!

4. Yummy Recipes
Bourbon St. Chicken (I've made this one...DELICIOUS)
Bourbon Street Chicken

Homemade Almond Joy                           Peanut Butter Cup Brownies
homemade almond joy                           JUST LOOK AT THEM. Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

Okay, I really really have dozens upon dozens more pins that I love but I tried (really hard) to narrow it down.

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