Cleaning out my camera phone

I've had my phone for about a year and a half and I literally have hundreds of photos on there. Most of which are my nephew, my dogs, and my students. I was doing some camera phone cleaning out and I came across some pictures I took from our insect unit. We did a ton of things and I was fortunate to find so many resources. Since I'm at home I do not have the author's name of this great idea. If you know please comment so I can give credit where credit is due. As soon as I go into my classroom I will look it up so I can share it with you all and of course credit the amazing author. 

The packet came with labels for each body part of an insect and it even came with a variety of fun shapes to use. I had my kiddos draw their own but I wanted them to use the provided labels and come up with a name for their new insect.

This kiddo was perhaps my best artist.

"Prae Butter Bee" I think it's supposed to be 1/3 praying mantis, 1/3 butterfly, 1/3 bumble bee. So Creative!

This is "Terminator"
It's made up of vicious parts of several powerful insects. 

I think next year we'll do more labeling practice but I think that they all got really into it. I don't think I had any kiddos rush through and they all kept asking so many questions. "Is a scorpion an insect? What does a bee head look like?" I projected Google images and we discussed what we saw to answer these questions.