Walking Humbly

Walking humbly.  Does that sound like a phrase you'd associate with adoption?  For Lisa Qualls, an experienced adoptive mom, it's exactly what she would suggest to anyone who is adopting a child from a "hard place."

I would encourage my friends to give up their pride and their desire to compare. I thought I was a fairly humble person, but adopting my children has brought me to my knees when it comes to thinking highly of myself and my capabilities as a mother... To those who are considering adopting a child from a “hard place” as well as those who are already traveling this journey toward healing, I say: be ready to lay down your pride and abandon yourself to love. It will be different than you think—better in some ways and much harder in others...  

To read all of Lisa's wonderful article, click over to the Empowered to Connect website here.  Also, be sure to check out Lisa's blog A Bushel and A Peck.  Thanks, Lisa, for all you do to encourage and equip adoptive families!