Streams of Mercy Team

Joining Joy and Mark in Ethiopia right now is a team of wonderful folks with Streams of Mercy, led by Wick Nease.

Turning off the main road unto unpaved, bumpy, trash-filled streets, we knew that we were headed for a place out of our comfort zone. The leper colony in Addis Ababa is home to 15,000 lepers. Our discomfort was not just physical. It was nearly impossible not to notice the overwhelming smells, the swarming flies, and the staring eyes all around. We walked into a small courtyard with the lepers' community church building. It’s a simple structure made out of blue plastic and large sticks for the walls and ceiling. It has a sackcloth floor, collected from the dump. The pastor beamed as he described the history of the church and the joy at having this beautiful place to worship. This is the worship center to over 200 members...

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