PM's surprise visit..

DS Najib , in his casual khakis, visited Petaling Street,Vista Angkasa & Brickfields (3 areas in the federal capital) today. The visit was unofficial an many local traders was pleasently surprised by the visit today. He mingled around with the public and even had “putu mayam” and “thosai” with curry on a banana leaf, and a glass of “teh O ais limau”in a local mamak at Brickfields. Not bad for his 2nd day..

lets hear what the people has to say:

"Who would think that yesterday he took his oath of office (as PM) and today he's here?"
G. Subramaniam, 20, a Brickfields resident.

"When a leader comes visiting like this, only then will he know about our needs and problems," Othman Ahmad, 58.

"It's good if the leaders meet the people more often," Lim Teck Heng, 47.

p/s: So Far, So Good for our new Prime Minister..