Mahathir vs Anwar (Round 2)

Just days after submitting his application to rejoin Umno, Dr Mahathir was in Bukit Gantang to campaign for the by-election at the invitation of Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.This is the first time in the nearly six years since he left office that the premier of 22 years has hit the campaign trail.

Tun, in his usual attacking mode said "That man just wants to create uncertainty. He said something big would happen on September 16 but in the end, nothing happened," referring to Anwar's promise to topple the government last September.

Some critics might say that this is the return of mahathirism but this is what he has to say "They condemn Mahathirism. What is wrong with Mahathirism? The country was developed for 22 years because of Mahathirism. So I think it is good,".

p/s: hmm, smart answer from a smart leader.. HIDUP TUN!!