Dummies Guide for PM

After a thorough reading and personal observation of the political scene, here are my top 10 tips on "how NOT to loose your job as PM"

1. Dont sleep on your job and get caught by the cameras

2. Try not to let your family involved in the administration (for me, that is one of the secret why Tun mahathir lasted for 22 years)

3. No Flip-Flop, make a thorough study before making any announcement

4. Always respect previous leader(s)

5. Write your own speech, or at least the important points comes from you

6. Select the "right" adviser, and know when to sack them

7. Do not go for a holiday during our nation's natural disaster

8. Don't buy something for 70 million Euro and sell it at 1 Euro (Need me to elaborate?)

9. "Pulau Batu Putih Incident" shall not happen again

10. Remember all the above points..