Crooked Bridge

Several groups from Johor has made a call for Prime Minister to review back the cancellation of the crooked bridge. The project which was shelved by Tun Abdullah back in 2006, received many strong criticism especially from the former premier; Tun Mahathir. This project was initiated during Mahathir era, however was shelved due to financial reasons (according to Pak Lah's admin). Let's hear what the Johorian's have to say about this:

" The people of Johor, regardless race, would like the DS Najib to review back the crooked bridge. It is a long term investment and nobody can deny the positive effect it will bring to the economy of Johor"
Pemuda UMNO Johor

" The 'bridge' will boost up the economy, especially in Johor Bharu"
Dato' Soh poh Seng, President of "Dewan Perniagaan & Industri Johor"

"Both countries; Malaysia & Singapore will benefit from it, its about time to replace Tambak Johor which was build in 1924"
P Sivakumar, President of dewan peniagaan India Johor

p/s: "They" shouldn't have canceled the bridge at the first place, now it will cost more to build the bridge due to the rise of raw materials - FR