1 Member, 1 Vote (what say u?)

I was very excited when DS Najib announced at the opening speech of UMNO AGM 2008 that more members should be eligible to vote for Umno's top post , rather than 2,600 delegates in the hall. During the closing ceremony speech, he proposed that more than 60,000 members from division should be allowed to vote for the top post.

Currently UMNO has 3 million registered members; hence 60,000 translate to 0.02% of members that would be eligible to vote for their president & only 0.002% of Malaysian population has a say on who is the Prime Minister (based on our current population of 27 million).

The major problem with UMNO right now is that, it is viewed by the public that UMNo is too exclusive, elitist etc.. etc..


1 member, 1 Vote...

I strongly believe that more and more people will register to be an UMNO member since they will have more say on who is the next leader(s). UMNO can increase its membership (or maybe double from the current figure) if this is implemented. With this, UMNO will be more "inclusive" rather than "exclusive".

What Say You????