Kolkata streets


A Single Slipper - Tseyang Palzom

a single slipper
come closer, take a look at me
a single slipper on the sandy beach
i want you to hear me speak
its just a tale, i shall not preach

my life's been an endless journey
i've been borne along by forces
greater than you'll ever see
stranger than you'll ever know

have rebelled yet gone with the flow
distant lands and unheard places
traversed seas both high and low
at my own pace- unruffled and slow

days, months and years go by
before i finally reach my destination
the ultimate spot of untouched beauty
this sheltered cove beside the sea

the sun melting into the blue tranquility
here i am, and yet joy isn't what i feel
an emptiness floods my senses
and though i am unchained and free
this lonely view is only for me to see
the other slipper will never find me...

(This lovely poem was written by my friend Tseyang.
She has left a small window open for us to peek into
her mind .
You will find it under the link "
Musings" in my friends list.)