A New Year of Thankfulness


We have so much to be thankful for at the start of this new year God has given us!

DSC_8001YWAM Gift Catalog

Since the beginning of 2012, you have donated over $20,000 via the YWAM Gift Catalog!  Many grateful recipients of your generosity will receive clean water, goats, surgeries for widows, houses, food for hungry stomachs and so much more.   THANK YOU for this outpouring of love and giving!  We’ll be sharing more details – about both givers and recipients – in future posts!

IMG_8245Adoption Ministry 1:27

119 new families have been adopted through the Adoption Ministry 1:27 program in 2012, making it possible for parents to provide food for their children.  We now help 185 families in Ethiopia to stay intact.  As God continues to bless this ministry with His favor, we will seek ways to assist more women begin income-generating activities and to work with the churches we partner with to identify at-risk families.

IMG_7530Gutumuma Outreach

So much has happened in the area of M*sl*m evangelism and specifically in the village of Gutumuma (an agrarian village of about 5,800 people).   In 2012, 120 families converted to Christianity in this village.  Construction on the first-ever worship center for the area was begun, and a full-time pastor was hired to train and guide 14 evangelists.  The evangelists began reaching out to surrounding M*sl*m villages, sharing the Gospel with the hopes of planting churches in at least two areas.  Funding has come in to finish the construction of the worship center and to build another kindergarten classroom to accommodate 20 more students!

dsc05925Mission Teams

Seven groups of people traveled to Ethiopia in 2012.  Most stayed an average of 10 days and, depending on the make-up of the team, ministered to children, repaired houses for the elderly, participated in feeding programs, did practical work for local churches, and played with children in orphanages.  Team members returned home committed to making lifestyle changes that would allow more time and money to be channeled to help the poor in their communities and in Ethiopia.  In addition to mission teams, three vision teams were hosted.  These are small groups of pastors or business people who want to see what YWAM is doing in Ethiopia with a view to helping in some capacity.


In 2012, 26 children from Ethiopia were matched with their forever families through our YWAM/CHI program.  We continue to rely on God’s enabling power and His special love for children without families as we press forward in this work.  The spiritual battle rages in this arena of international adoption.  We covet your prayers on behalf of those who have no voice.

Your partnership with us in God’s work in Ethiopia is INVALUABLE and a great source of encouragement!  Thank you so much for your involvement, your giving and your prayers!

Here’s to a wonderful new year staying in step with our faithful God!


Okay, that's enough "Happy New Year" for you lot. It's time to go back to the suffering and boy you are going to suffer a-plenty if you are mad enough to press play on this one. I mean, look at the sleeve and the title! If that isn't warning enough then you are obviously the sort of person who climbs over metal fences covered in signs proclaiming "DANGER Risk Of Death" and you deserve any misfortune that should subsequently befall you.

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